Auger Anchor

Safely anchor your jetskis, boats and pontoons with Auger Anchor

Don’t beach it, Auger it!

Avoid expensive repairs to fiberglass, gel coat and props due to beaching your watercraft

Auger Anchor boat anchors keep your Boats, Jetskis, Pontoons and other watercraft securely anchored at the beach but off of the bank where they can be damaged.

The best auger anchor for boats, jetskis, pontoon boats and other watercraft.

Auger Anchor boat anchors are designed and built to fill the need for a reliable cost effective way to secure your personal watercraft. Something that normal boat anchors, sand bags or doggie augers can’t do. Keep your boat, jetski or pontoon off of the bank where it can be damaged and difficult to get back into the water or worse yet – drift away. Avoid costly repairs to the fiberglass and gel coat on your boat, jetski or pontoon with Auger Anchor boat anchors.

Unlike other water craft anchors, AUGER ANCHOR BOAT ANCHORS patented design has:

  • 2 Blades, 4”or 6” that when augured to a full depth of 18″ actually work against each other for better stability.
  • The rope attaches at ground level so there is less leverage to loosen the auger.
  • The handle is separate so you don’t need to buy a handle for multiple augers making it a more cost effective watercraft anchor.
  • For convenient storage the handle “cross tube” stores inside of the “handle shaft”.
  • Easily stores in most jet skis and boats.

This makes Auger Anchor boat anchor much more affordable, compact, and reliable than any of the one piece, single blade, pwc augers that attach to the top of a 3 to 4 foot long handle.

Auger Anchor Boat Anchor secured underwater
6″ anchor, T handle and 4″ anchor

Too many times when going out to the lake for a relaxing day with family and friends the water gets a little rough and the next thing you know there are boats and jet skis that have come loose from their moorings and are floating away. The natural reaction is to go into the water to try to retrieve the loose watercraft, this can have tragic consequences.

We at AUGER ANCHOR remind you:
Wait for the weather to calm, your watercraft will either come back to shore or you can get someone to take you out to safely retrieve it.

Properly installed AUGER ANCHOR BOAT ANCHORS will give you piece of mind knowing that your boats and jet skis are securely anchored.