Auger Anchor

Safely anchor your jetskis, boats and pontoons with Auger Anchor

Mini Auger Anchors

2″ Mini Auger Anchor
12″ T-Handle

Our MINI AUGERS are a perfect solution for anchoring smaller portable items like:

  • Pets (Tangle Free)
  • Tents
  • RV Awnings
  • Pop-Up Canopies
  • Green Houses
  • Signs
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Anything portable that you need to securely anchor in place.

For pets

Unlike other Doggie Augers your dog will not get tangled up or pull these out of the ground. Just auger the MINI AUGER in about 1 1/2 inches below ground level then screw in the eye bolt in and tighten (only the top half of the eye should be above ground) clip your dogs leash to the eye bolt. Because only the very top of the eye bolt is sticking up there is nothing for your pet to get tangled around.

Want to make a temporary dog run use 2 MINI AUGERS 15 feet apart and clip each end of a 15 foot cable to each auger then clip your dogs leash to the cable, they have more room to roam and will not get tangled.

For greenhouses or canopies

Auger the MINI AUGERS all the way down to ground level and set your structure on top of the auger then use the bolt to secure it to the auger.

MINI AUGERS are 12 inches long with 2 – 2 inch diameter auger blades and have a threaded hole in the end for screwing in a bolt. The handle is also 12 inches long and the cross bar stores inside of the handle shaft for easy storage.